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Cover artwork: ‘The faces of love’ (lino print, 2023) © Mark Rowden www.wingedlionpress.com.au

The Snow Globe is Jenny Pagdin’s powerful, sensitive and stark debut collection. Written from first-hand experience, under the glass dome of postpartum psychosis, her poetry depicts a fearsome, glittering inner storm of severe mental illness during new motherhood, moving through illness, through snow flurry and sunshine, to a place of recovery and love.


by Claire Keegan

“Reading Irish-born Claire Keegan is like succumbing to a drug: eerie, hallucinogenic, time-stopping.”—San Francisco Chronicle

A new edition of the now iconic fiction writer Claire Keegan’s debut story collection featuring a fresh cover to tie in with her current bestselling trio: the Booker Prize shortlisted Small Things Like TheseFoster, and So Late in the Day

Motamo: La Louvre’s International Biennial for Children’s books

Shorelines, Collection of poems and artworks

The timeless pleasure of beach-walking and beach-combing is reflected in these poems about shells and pebbles, tides and rock pools, flotsam and jetsam.Time spent on a beach, whatever the weather, lifts the spirits.This collection is for everyone who loves to be beside the sea and finds it impossible to come back from the beach with empty pockets.

SummerWinter, Illustrations

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