Public art

Conductors Project is a public art initiative utilising two of Sydney’s busiest train stations. By transforming the disused display cabinets of St James and Museum into exhibition space, the daily commute of approx. 5800 people becomes a cultural experience. Committed to exhibiting the work of both emerging and established artists, Conductors Project connects artists to new audiences and enriches the lives of Sydney’s commuters.


29/06/13 – 27/07/13

Mark Rowden is a Sydney based printmaker and painter. His new body of work, ‘Ednamorphosis’ consists of six linocuts which explore the transformation of renowned comedian and performer Barry Humphries into his iconic character Dame Edna Everage.

Edna Everage (c) Mark Rowden  Rowden_5





Woollahra Traffic Signal Box Project 2015

Mark Rowden is one of five artists selected as part of the Woollahra Traffic Box public art project.
In partnership with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), the Traffic Signal Box Project aims to provide unique opportunities for artists to engage with the community by creating vibrant art works on traffic signal boxes.

Woollahra Traffic Box 2015


Mark Rowden Woollahra

Lane Cove Traffic Signal Box Project 2015

Mark Rowden is one of three artists selected as part of the Lane Cove Traffic Box public art project.
Lane Cove Trams” by Mark Rowden
At a busy intersection, where modern transport meets the nearby historic point of an electric tram terminus. Having the visual of the front of the tram and internal shots of the officers that worked on the tram, gives and insight to the past and should bring discussion and memories for the locals.

Corner ‪‎Longueville‬ Road and ‪‎Birdwood‬ Avenue, Lane Cove

lane cove centre mark rowden lane cove left mark rowden lane cove mark rowden